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    • This house is designed for young professionals who just want to escape New York City and relax at a great estate. The house has everything you need - no reason to leave the house once you arrive. Most people in the house are in their 20s and 30s. We will provide all the basics and price includes costs for maid service, pool and landscaping and all utilities.
    • Email for more details.

    • These houses are designed for young professionals who just want to come out to the beach and have a fun place to crash. While each house has its own unique feel and flavor, the Resort is priced at premium because it is truly a spectacular house for a mature crowd in their late 20s and 30s. It offers all top-of-the-line amenities. The Great Lawn, Gazebo House, OceanView, BayView, New Palace and Ocean House are priced more economically and offer standard amenities and cater to groups in their 20s.
    • Email for more details.

    • There will be a set schedule for qtr and half shares that rotate between A and B rotations.
    • Shareholders are guaranteed beds only on their weekends. Non-shareholders can stay at the house and are charged guest fees that range from $50-$150 per night. A non-shareholder can be a guest at most TWO times. A person cannot split a single share or sell their individual weekends.
    • In Addition we will be asking for a $100 Security - which you will get back as long as your guests pay their fees and the house does not get any noise violations. The Resort requires a $200 security deposit. Midweek rentals are charged 10-20%.