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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hamptons Most FAQ
    Where can I get internet access in town?
    For what dates do I need a beach parking permit?
    Can I bring my dog to the beach?
    I'd like to support our volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance Corps. How do I help?
    I've heard that there are great hiking trails in town. Where are they?
    There is a noisy summer share house next door. Isn't this illegal? What can I do?
    Can I have a clam bake on the beach?
    There is an SUV-eating pothole that just appeared on the road outside my house. Whom do I call?
    There is debris on the beach. Who cleans this up? To whom do I report this?

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    Hampton's Most Frequently Asked Questions
    Where can I get internet access in town? back

    • Internet Access is available at Hampton Library on Montauk Highway. They have three computers for adults and two for children. Access is free to everyone, but priority is given to Hampton Library cardholders.
    For what 2009 dates do I need a beach parking permit? back
    • The Department of Parks and Recreation issues beach permits at Town beaches with attendant stands-in the Bridgehampton vicinity at Sagg Main Beach and Mecox Beach. Permits are required at Town beaches after May 15-June 30 from 9am-6pm when attendant is on duty and July 1-Labor Day 9am-6pm. Permits are required at Town/Trustee access roads July 1-Labor Day 9am-6pm. All Town beaches are open and staffed 10 am to 5:00 pm June 23 through Labor Day.
      2007 cost:
      • $25 for Town Residents/Taxpayers
      • $15 for Senior (60+) Town Residents/Taxpayers
      • $200 for Non-residents
      Residents must show photo ID and proof of residency:
      • a. Original, current tax bill with name to match the vehicle registration or,
      • b. Current Vehicle Registration with Southampton Town address, or
      • c. Valid Driver's License with Southampton Town address to match name on vehicle registration.
      Full-time residents who do not own property must show:
      • a. Current Driver's License and vehicle registration with a local address, or
      • b. Two utility bills with a Southampton Town address, one dated 12 months prior to the application date and one from between Sept 15 and May 15.

    Can I bring my dog to the beach? back
    • At Town-Owned Beach Areas (Sagg Main, Mecox Beach, Cameron Beach, Flying Point, Long Beach):
      --Dogs are only allowed at Town-owned beaches between October 1st and April 1st, not in the summer.
    • At Town/Trustee Access Road Beaches (Peter's Pond, Gibson Beach):
      --Between May 15 and September 15, only before 9:00am and after 6:00pm.
      --Dogs must remain within 150 ft of the access road.

      1. Dogs must be under immediate supervision and control at all times.
      2. All animal waste must be removed.
      3. Dogs are not permitted within 50ft. of any area marked for piping plovers or other endangered species.
      For full rules pertaining to dogs at Southampton Parks and Beaches.

    I'd like to support our volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance Corps. How do I help? back
    • The Bridgehampton Fire Department is an all-volunteer fire department founded in 1895. They hold several fundraisers each year and welcome donations. Look out for signs announcing the big annual community fundraiser each August at the Fire House on School Street.
    • If you wish to join to fire department or ambulance corps, please contact them at 631-537-0336.
    • If you wish to send a donation, please mail a check payable to:
      Bridgehampton Fire Dept.
      PO Box 1280, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

    I've heard that there are great hiking trails in town. Where are they? back
    • Bridgehampton is filled with dozens of beautiful and sometimes-challenging hiking trails. Trail locations are the Long Pond Greenbelt, Brick Hill Preserve, Poxabogue Preserve and Sagg Swamp Preserve. The Southampton Trails Preservation Society runs hikes every Saturday and Sunday morning year round. Hikes are free and open to the community. The monthly schedules appears on their site. Another great source of trail information is Mike Bottini's new book, The Southampton Press Trail Guide to the South Fork.

    There is a noisy summer share house next door. Isn't this illegal? What can I do? back
    • We always believe that it's a good idea to contact the homeowner/renters and politely request considerate behavior; but we don't know of anyone who has had much success with this tactic. The next step would be to call the Police to report the noise (631-728-5000). Complaints are handled by either the police or the Division of Code Enforcement/Public Safety.
    • Regarding the disruptive group house, Town Code states that no more than five (5) unrelated adults may occupy a house. To report a violation, contact the Division of Code Enforcement/Public Safety (631-288-0201). Their mission is to "receive and act upon complaints from the public regarding quality of life issues." They will promptly investigate all complaints. You can also contact them about litter, junked cars, and zoning issues.

    Can I have a clam bake on the beach? back
    • Absolutely, but permits are required for events on our beaches. Permits are issued to Town residents for $20 through the Department of Parks and Recreation. Call for a permit (631-725-8585).
      The application may be made via fax and often, even the day of the event, based on availability.
      • Residents must show proof of residency-driver's license or property tax bill
      • Permits are first-come, first-served based on availability (i.e. the number of events per night are limited.) Some rules regarding your event:
      • Events are limited to 6-11 pm
      • Every car parked at the beach must carry a valid parking permit (yes, even at night)
      • Contained fires only
      • No loud music
      • No alcohol

    There is an SUV-eating pothole that just appeared on the road in front of my house. Whom do I call? back
    • Call the Highway Department, weekdays only (631-728-3600). If the situation appears to pose an imminent danger, call the police (631-728-5000).

    There is debris on the beach. Who cleans this up? To whom do I report this? back
    • The Town of Southampton Parks & Recreation maintains and cleans the public beach areas (beach areas near the public access points) and provides some cleanup of the entire shore line, usually only at the beginning of each season. They do not clean the trustee-maintained areas between the designated beaches.

    Fire Island's Most Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Fire Island?

    • It is an island off Long Island that is visited by many people each summer.

    Isn't Fire Island a "Gay Community"?

    • This is probably the most asked question about Fire Island. And also it's biggest misconception. As you've seen on the map, there are many different communities on this wonderful island. There are two predominantly gay or "gay tolerant" communities. These are Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines. Incidentally, these are probably the two most interesting and diverse communities on the barrier beach.

    Do people live on Fire Island all year?

    • Approximately 300 people live there year round

    If no cars are allowed, how do I get there?

    • There are three common ways to get to the communities. One is by Ferry, the second is by private boat, and the third is by water taxi. While it may seem to be an inconvenience at first to not have vehicles, you'll soon come to love the idea of a traffic free vacation spot.

    What should you bring to F.I.?

    • Good pair of sunglasses
    • Beach towel
    • Toiletries
    • Beach chair
    • Bed linens, pillows
    • A big can of bug repellent
    • Sun block
    • Water bottle/cooler
    • Aspirin (for those nights you overindulge)
    • Your license - you will be proofed when you go out no matter how old you are. If you don't have a license, you must have a picture I.D. that is an official document
    • Enough cash to last the weekend (the average person on F.I. spends $125 for the entire weekend). There are only a few ATM machines on F.I. with a $100 maximum withdrawal and the charge is $3 per transaction!!!

    What leisure activities are there on F.I.?

    • Going to the Beach (bring your sunglasses, a beverage, something to read, a walkman, and most importantly a beach chair)
    • Playing Kadema [you have 1 ball and 2 paddles and you hit the ball to each other] on the beach
    • Softball (best time to play 5PM Saturday).
    • F.I. most popular activities are walking and jogging throughout the island
    • Volleyball on the beach
    • Swimming in the ocean (lifeguards are on duty during specific hours)
    • Arcade (which is located in town across from the post office)
    • Going to the restaurants and bars
    • Trangleball on the beach.
    • Basketball. Best time to play is 9 AM Saturday and Sunday

    How should I dress?

    • The dress code is casual and comfortable. All restaurants will welcome you in shorts, but a shirt and shoes are always required. Don't make the mistake of over-dressing for a night out. If you're female, avoid high heels, as you'll be doing a lot of walking.

    Are there convenience stores on F.I.?

    • Yes, there are two and they are both in town. One is called Whitney's which is located in Corneille. The other, Ocean Beach Trading, is located right by the ferry (most items cost twice as much as in NYC).

    Are there ice cream parlors on F.I.?

    • Yes, there are 2 in town.

    Is there a Liquor store on F.I.?

    • Yes, there is one in town by the ferry (closed on Sundays, it's a state law).

    Do cellphones work on F.I.?

    • Yes, but sometimes it is difficult to get a signal. AT&T seems to have the worst signal.

    Is there a gym on F.I.?

    • No, but there is a basketball court and a softball field in Corneille Estates.

    Is there a movie theater on F.I.?

    • Yes, but it only shows one movie each weekend.

    Is there a hospital on F.I.?

    • No, if you have an emergency you must go directly to the police station in town.

    Are there places to shop on F.I.?

    • Yes, there are several small boutiques in town.

    Is there a post office on F.I.?

    • Yes, in town next to the pizzeria.

    Is there a doctor on the island for emergencies?

    • Yes, you must contact the police station and they will tell you where to go.

    Is there a police station on the island for emergencies?

    • Yes, in the middle of town right by the ferry terminal.

    Is there a synagogue?

    • Yes, in Seaview, the next town over.

    Is there a church?

    • Yes, there are two in Ocean Beach.

    Is there a fire department on the island for emergencies?

    • Yes, in Ocean Beach.