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    Shareholder Policies
    2. Guests
    3. Food & Alcohol
    4. Key Policy
    5. Cleaning Policy
    6. House Rules

    The house does provide many of the essentials, but you would be wise
    to bring the following items with you:
    • Good pair of sunglasses
    • Beach towel
    • Toiletries
    • Beach chair
    • Bed linens, blankets and pillows
    • A big can of bug repellent
    • Sun block
    • Water bottle/cooler
    • Aspirin (for those big nights of drinking!)
    • Your license. You will be proofed when you go out NO matter how old you are. If you don't have a license, you must have a picture I.D. that is an official document.
    • Enough cash to last the weekend. The average single person on F.I. spends $125 for the entire weekend. (There are only a few ATM machines on F.I. with a $100 maximum withdrawal and the charge is $3 per transaction!!!)

    You may store any items that you bring in the house until your next visit, we are not responsible for missing items.

    As a shareholder, you are entitled to the following perks that you will not find at all other share houses on Fire Island:
    • A cleaning service will clean the house twice a week
    • All paper goods are included such as: toilet paper, utensils, paper plates, paper towels, cups, etc...
    • We have a BBQ (cannot use after 9pm in Ocean Beach on Fire Island - Town Laws)
    • The convenience of a house minutes away from the beach (to get refreshments or to use the bathroom).
    • You cannot resell or subdivide your shares. If you have a 4-week share then you must plan on being in the house for all of those weekends. You cannot resell weekends to other people. Let us know that you cannot make it and we will try to switch your weekend.
    • If you are a group of four, then you must buy four shares. You cannot split four shares with five or more people.
    • Guests are allowed only when accompanied with a shareholder. If you, as a shareholder, are not coming out, that DOES NOT give you the right to send a friend instead to use the unused portion of your share (your bed) without paying the guest fee.

    Groups age in their 20s and 30s and we try to keep guy-girl ratios near 50-50. As a shareholder, you are more than welcome to use the house during the week as long as you provide us notice WITHIN SEVEN days from when you would like to use it (as long as it is not rented for a mid-week rental).

    • As a shareholder, you are allowed to bring a guest to the house. However, there are a number of rules that must be followed.
    • The guest fee will range from $50-$150 each night. The guest is the responsibility of the shareholder that brought the guest.
    • Guests will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The house manager must be notified WITHIN SEVEN days prior to the weekend that you intend to bring a guest and the house managers reserve the right to deny guests if the house is too full
    • The guest must comply with all house rules listed below.
    • The same guest will be permitted no more than TWO times, so as not to diminish the value of a share.
    • To avoid any problems, please come to us as soon as you arrive at the house and introduce us to your guest and pay the fee. This way, all of us can enjoy the weekend without any hassles.

    We will not be providing any food or alcohol.

    A set will be available in a secret location near the house. We may move the keys, so you must contact us if you intend to arrive early Friday morning or any day prior to Friday that you would like to come out.

    Please clean up after yourself. There will be a cleaning service that comes during the week to clean the house, but you will be there all weekend. The house managers will not be cleaning up after you, so don't trash the house! This is your house too, so please respect it!

    1. Respect your fellow shareholders.
    2. Sleep in the bed to which you are assigned.
    3. Prior notice must be given when having guests for the weekend. Please let us know in advance (Guest accommodations may not be available).
    4. Any guest fees must be paid as you enter the house.
    5. If you break anything in the house you must pay for it.
    6. PLEASE clean up after yourself. Even though we have a cleaning service, it doesn't mean that you don't have to throw out your own garbage.
    7. If you brought you own linens and towels, please make sure to bring them home with you each weekend.